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Sculpture: Final piece/ installation

Sculpture Week 24

Creating a sculpture based off of a previous work made; duplicating processes: My sculpture of choice: My adaptation/ connecting sculpture – creating a platform for my sculpture to sit on in an exhibition space:

Sculpture Week 25

Leaning project developments.

Sculpture Week 23

Sculpture artist research

Holly Hendry: Holly Hendry is a sculptor known for her practice of casting an array of materials together to create pieces showing the interior of the outside cast structures. Her conceptual practice is based off of filling volumes of crates… Continue Reading →

Sculpture Week 22

New project: replicating found objects. Designs/ calculations: Working progress – product. Foam plastics material used. Further process – mixing soil with plaster to cover the base. This is because I’m inverting the original materials so the pot is made from… Continue Reading →

Sculpture Week 4 (20)

To continue my sculpture project, I designed another block with a twist. The twist being the pyramid shapes were made to be negative. I did this by moulding a clay cast first, with the pyramids in, this may when I… Continue Reading →

Sculpture week 3 (19)

Designs for a sculpture inspired by a made up word – charb. I chose to use wax to make my sculpture because it’s easily bent when applied to heat. My design changed once I starting sculpting, but it still gave… Continue Reading →

Sculpture Week 1 (17)

This task was to make a design and sculpture from a made up word. Clay/plaster workshop:

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