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Printmaking statement

My printmaking work is themed around plastic pollution and recycling. My work includes printing skills such as screen printing, lino printing, and dry point. My work size varies from A5 to A1 sheets, and I printed onto fabric as well…. Continue Reading →

Printmaking Week 8

Final print: To develop my work after my review, I’m going to combine my love of drawing and symbolism into my next print, which is going to be an A3 reduction lino with at least seven layers of colour. The… Continue Reading →

Printmaking crit exhibition- Week 7

This week, I presented my work in a mini exhibition format to a small group from my class. We all gave each other feedback on our work so far and how to improve for our portfolio presentation at the end… Continue Reading →

Printmaking Week 6 – Etching

The final technique demonstration of this term is the etching process. This is where you cover a metal sheet with wax and burn away the marks into a bowl of acid to create the indentations of the design. I’ve used… Continue Reading →

Printmaking Week 5 – Dry point:

For this week’s printing class we did dry point printing. This is where I scratched my design onto metal and used a printing press to transfer the print onto the paper. As a lot of my prints have been in,… Continue Reading →

CPS Week 7 – Context outside of Art

My current subject of contextual research is nature. I went on a walk through the canal, photographing anything that shows the connection and/or co-existence of man kind and nature. When taking these photos, I kept in mind my concept of… Continue Reading →

Printmaking – contextual research

Andy Goldsworthy – sculptor and photographer: There is a quote from Andy Goldsworthy that links to the concept that I would like to explore with my print work. I want to explore how we as humans are connected with nature… Continue Reading →

Printmaking Week 3 Practical – Lino:

Following my preparation work as a guide, I have printed my lino design with two colours so far. I was planning on using three (red, orange, and yellow), however, I wasn’t able to print my third layer in the lesson… Continue Reading →

Printmaking research and Week 3 Preparation: Lino print – Sybil Andrews

Sybil Andrews is a lino printer who is an inspiration to a lot of my artwork. This is because of the simplistic but striking prints she makes with blocky shapes and minimal details, and her selective use of colour; this… Continue Reading →

Printmaking week 2 – Screen Printing

Following on with my nature theme, I had made a few extra sketch ideas to screen print with: The first technique I used was mono printing. I used water pastels to draw directly onto the screen surface and used system… Continue Reading →

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