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Painting artist research

Wassily Kandinsky: Kandinsky’s work consists of many colour studies on how different colour combinations are perceived and how colours interact next to each other. Kandinsky saw colour as more than just a visual stimulus, it was something he felt and… Continue Reading →

Painting artist research

Aaron Curry Aaron Curry is an American painter and sculptor best known for his works “Phantom” and “Homewrecker”, among others. “Homewrecker” is a whimsically made sculpture that’s part of the Grove exhibition. The pieces in this exhibition were made out… Continue Reading →

Painting: Final pieces progress

My final pieces in response to looking at Aaron Curry’s work.

Painting crit reflection

This crit was set in the painting studio, with myself and a small group of peers present. Each set up of work was set out like a small exhibition, where we each described what we thought each of the works… Continue Reading →

Painting Week 25

Responding to the crit advice given to me: I’ve created a 3D painting using spare scraps of wood, still focusing on using colour to play with tone. One of the suggestions for my development was to explore how light interacts… Continue Reading →

Painting Week 24

Experimentation – colour studies – painting using only primary colours to create tone:

Painting Week 23

Experimenting with new techniques and continuing the study of objects and tonal colour:

Painting Week 22

Experimentation with colour and acrylic paint application: I enjoy drawing landscapes so I thought I’d give it a try with colours from my imagination. I found this enjoyable but I don’t find my landscape paintings that effective, therefore I’m going… Continue Reading →

Painting Week 4 (20)

In this week’s workshop we created 2 large paintings, using emulsion paint, one based off of an image using only black and white. The other being a negative of the first, using the opposite tone and mark type. For example,… Continue Reading →

Painting week 3 (19)

This week, I’ve continued painting with white and made my own rules to follow: I can only use the primary colours and white to mix colours. Paint two of the same object but one observed in the shadows and the… Continue Reading →

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