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Photography – Portrait artist inspiration

Ricardo Nagaoka: I really like Ricardo Nagaoka’s portraits because they hold a sense of personality for the person in the photo. The people appear to be in their natural surroundings, comfortable but still looking at the camera; which gives me… Continue Reading →

Photography task 5 – Portraiture

Portrait: How she wants others to see her (1): I asked my friend to help me with this portrait task. This image is presenting her in a posed way, she doesn’t seem to show any emotion at all in her… Continue Reading →

Photography Artist Research

Andrew Brooks: I really like the way Andrew Brooks manipulates his photographs of reality and stitches many photos of the same space together to create an illusion. I like the way he’s used lighting to highlight certain areas of the… Continue Reading →

Photography task 4 – Sound

Audio track: https://demontfortuniversity-my.sharepoint.com/:v:/g/personal/p2665185_my365_dmu_ac_uk/ERvSmdJCOs5CrZ3KtloxMlABxzUPEmEsADQuSj1wAqqJ2A?e=BzGU1z I layered these audio clips I took outside whilst walking and relaxing in the woods/ fields. Each track is a different aspect I associate with this photo, in other words, being in nature. The reason I took… Continue Reading →

Photography Week 3 – Creating a Narrative:

Final product: https://demontfortuniversity-my.sharepoint.com/:v:/g/personal/p2665185_my365_dmu_ac_uk/EZYjn_HS6StMkbSN7_IBpisB5e7gdiGsqDH_YUkplaqNbQ?e=lPLEBV For this week’s task, I have taken a series of 60 photos throughout my day to show the story of how an average day of mine goes. Each photo is of a different object relevant to the… Continue Reading →

Photography Week 2 – Passage of Time.

My first attempt at this task using my phone, the photos didn’t work. This was because the exposure and ISO were incorrect but I wasn’t able to change it to what I would’ve liked. Therefore, I hired a camera to… Continue Reading →

Week 1 Photography work

These are the original photographs I took for this task. Afterwards, I had to edit down to one image. For this, I went into the city centre to get the landscape of my home for my images. I used the… Continue Reading →

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