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Visual analysis – task 4

Ophelia, 1951 – John Millais: Millais painted Ophelia along the banks of Hogs mill river in Surrey and is known for painting his serious and significant subjects. He was part of the Pre – Raphaelite era, when they painted directly… Continue Reading →

CPS Week 11 – Job opportunity research

Wedding Photographer: Wedding photography is a job that has interested me for a few years now. This is because I enjoy photography and the social and aesthetical atmosphere of weddings. It’s something I could do as a part time job,… Continue Reading →

CPS Week 10 – Context of other artists

Historic artist: Sybil Andrews (1898-1992): Sybil Andrews is an English artist who is best known for her unique styled linocuts. She began her artistic career constructing airplanes for World War I. She bases them off of the themes of daily… Continue Reading →

CPS Week 9 – Statement

Artwork review, 29/11/21, Rebecca Isabelle Guttormsen My printmaking work is currently focused on people’s relationship with nature and how plastic pollution links in with our disconnection to nature. I chose this topic because I’m interested in the reason why we… Continue Reading →

CPS Week 8 – Making and Materials in Art

Recycled materials: Artists who work with recycled materials: Anne Kelly: Anne Kelly is a UK based artist working with textiles as her medium. Her multi-layered stitched textiles are made using recycled materials. Anne Kelly collects recycled textiles, paper and uses… Continue Reading →

Contexts Inside of Art Week 6

Artwork raising awareness for plastic pollution: Artwork made from recycled plastic to raise awareness of plastic pollution: This dome is called “Rising Moon” and was a temporary exhibition of work designed by Daydreamers Design, an art and design collaboration in… Continue Reading →

Van Gogh – The Immersive Experience:

Exhibition dates: 17 May 2021 – 31 December 2021. Location: All Saint’s church, Highcross Street, LE1 4PH. On the 23rd of October, I visited the Van Gogh Immersive Experience with my Mum and her friend. The main part of the… Continue Reading →

CPS Week 7 – Context outside of Art

My current subject of contextual research is nature. I went on a walk through the canal, photographing anything that shows the connection and/or co-existence of man kind and nature. When taking these photos, I kept in mind my concept of… Continue Reading →

CPS Week 5 – St Ives book review

Title: St Ives The Art and the Artists. Author: Chris Stephens. Chris Stephens is director of The Holburne Museum, in Bath. He was a curator for Modern British Art, Tate Britain from 2001 until 2017. He has also authored and… Continue Reading →

Printmaking – contextual research

Andy Goldsworthy – sculptor and photographer: There is a quote from Andy Goldsworthy that links to the concept that I would like to explore with my print work. I want to explore how we as humans are connected with nature… Continue Reading →

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