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Drawing Week 24

Experiments responding to the crit comments: exploring the textures of my skin in the paint using charcoal and experimenting with how layers affect the effect of the marks.

Painting Week 24

Experimentation – colour studies – painting using only primary colours to create tone:

Sculpture Week 25

Leaning project developments.

Drawing crit reflection

The set up of this crit was a small group of us sat and observed each others work like a small exhibition. My peers discussed what they thought my work was about and what they liked and thought I should… Continue Reading →

Painting Week 23

Experimenting with new techniques and continuing the study of objects and tonal colour:

Drawing Research – painting with the body

Liu Bolin: Artist Liu Bolin is often referred to as “the invisible man” because of his creative practice that involves him using his body as a camouflage effect, merging himself with the surrounding environment. Bolin paints his body to become… Continue Reading →

Drawing Week 23

Experimentation – taking body painting in a new direction: I’ve photocopied a charcoal drawing of myself and found it looks a lot more affective on the floor by itself, than with paint covering it, like in my other experiments with… Continue Reading →

Sculpture Week 23

Sculpture artist research

Holly Hendry: Holly Hendry is a sculptor known for her practice of casting an array of materials together to create pieces showing the interior of the outside cast structures. Her conceptual practice is based off of filling volumes of crates… Continue Reading →

Drawing Week 22

Further experimentation with body painting: I find the look of paint on the skin and skin textures in paint really interesting, so I took some photos of the paint on my skin and I plan to collage the images and… Continue Reading →

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