Aaron Curry

HOMEWRECKER by Aaron Curry on artnet
Homewrecker, Aaron Curry, 2013

Aaron Curry is an American painter and sculptor best known for his works “Phantom” and “Homewrecker”, among others. “Homewrecker” is a whimsically made sculpture that’s part of the Grove exhibition. The pieces in this exhibition were made out of thin sheets of aluminium, to make them appear as if they’re not there from certain angles. The artist moves between two and three dimensions. Often Curry’s sculptures are positioned on the wall or interacting with it. Opposingly, the colours he uses resemble surrealism and pop art, which draw the viewer’s attention. Curry’s paintings are both abstract and figurative sculptures that combine painting and sculpture. I like the way he brings structure into each piece, the shape and cut of the material resembles the shapes from surrealist paintings. I like artwork that I can interact with, hence why I would like to make my painting work similar to this, using three dimensions. I also think that these types of sculptures would look good on the wall in a gallery space, which is how I’m planning to exhibit my work.

Aaron Curry, The Colour Out of Space, 2009, Michael Werner New York Image 1
The Colour Out of Space exhibition, Aaron Curry, 20th March – 30th April 2009.

Slava Ilyayev

im846927 Speaking Happiness Through Nature Slava Ilyayev - Park West Gallery
“Speaking Happiness Through Nature,” Slavs Ilyayev, 2018.
Meet the Artist: 10 Questions with Slava Ilyayev
“Reflecting on Time Past,” Slava Ilyayev, 2018.
im824793 The Blossom of Your Beauty Slava Ilyayev - Park West Gallery
“The Blossom of Your Beauty,” Slava Ilyayev, 2017.

Slava Ilyayev is known for his colourful and textured paintings made using palette knives that relate to the works of Post-Impressionists such as Van Gogh. These thick, textured paintings engage the viewer with a bright and lively energy. The hot colours he uses help immerse the viewer into his warm transformation of nature. The work is identified by it’s elevated textures and it’s energetic yet serene presence. I feel that the thick textures of paint bring his paintings to life, along with the bright and bold colours. Especially the background colours do this, as they bring the whole painting alive in front of you. Each composition highlights light and shadow, which is one of the elements that interests me the most when I’m painting. I like the heavy application of paint that shifts the focus from the detail and onto the semblance of the paint’s texture. I enjoy painting this way, using a palette knife to create different shapes and textures, because I find it makes the painting more intriguing to me as a viewer and more exciting for me to create.