This crit was set in the painting studio, with myself and a small group of peers present. Each set up of work was set out like a small exhibition, where we each described what we thought each of the works were about and what we liked and disliked about what we saw. I found the atmosphere made me feel relaxed the experience was helpful to the development of my work and ideas. I didn’t find anything about the crit negative, aside from being stressed beforehand, however the encouraging comments that were made put my mind at ease. By going first, I found that it was easier to identify the elements I wanted to focus on; for example, colour, form, texture; as well as using these to critique the others’ work. I found the situation very useful because all of my work and ideas were out in front of me for to not only get other people’s opinions on, but also it gave me a fresh perspective to look at and come up with new ideas regarding my focus. Now seeing what the display looked like, I would want to have made a better use of the space and create some bigger paintings to show a wider range of scale within my work. In regards to progressing my work, there were a lot of great suggestions including: continuing to explore tone with colour and experiment with the way light appears through glass in the context of tone, exploring the term refraction and how I can manipulate the form of still life objects, similar to what I’ve started doing with the three – dimensional pieces.