The set up of this crit was a small group of us sat and observed each others work like a small exhibition. My peers discussed what they thought my work was about and what they liked and thought I should improve on. I found the experience very relaxing and comfortable. All of the comments were helpful and encouraging. The experience overall was a good one, I found the discussions useful and the ideas that were given to me in response to what I should do next were helpful. I didn’t find any of the experience to be negative because of the professional way criticism was given and received. Normally I don’t like discussing my work with others, but this environment felt like a safe space to me. One of the comments I received as to keep things simpler, therefore I would have left some experiments as they were, rather than collaging them together. I plan to come out of my comfort zone a bit more, and lead my work more towards performance art in terms of body painting. For example, a suggestion I was given was to cover my body in paint and video myself performatively moving around the room pushing myself against the walls (canvas’). This will allow me to use movement more to explore my concept of connecting myself to my own body and having the confidence I need in myself. This project is all about my body as a form of a self portrait, and me discovering more about myself. I think that performance pieces will help me delve further into this concept.

Before crit.