Holly Hendry:

Holly Hendry is a sculptor known for her practice of casting an array of materials together to create pieces showing the interior of the outside cast structures. Her conceptual practice is based off of filling volumes of crates with different materials, restricting their space. This relates to her interest of archaeology and the forms of fossils that were once there. The process of revealing the inner sculpture or removing the cast layer then becomes the outer edge of the sculpture itself, with an invisible layer of restriction. Due to the large scale of her sculptures and how she exhibits them, she uses a computer to draw up the exact replicas of the design. The way she exhibits her work links to architecture and how you can stretch and alter the space to then become a part of the sculpture itself – one that people can walk inside.

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“Gut Feelings”, Holly Hendry.

Other sculptures of hers are also based on the idea of the inside of the body, for example, bones and teeth. The giant bone-like sculptures she’s made, out of jesmonite, are sculpted on such a large scale because of the artist’s interest in architecture and creating internal objects and putting them into a large space/ area.

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“Baltic Bites”, Holly Hendry.


The materials she uses are exaggerated versions of real world objects, that take the work away from the real world and into a more creative space, made by waterjet or laser jet cutting. Apposing to that, there’s materials such as marble and cement that brings the work back into the domestic world and links the origin of the materials back to mining and interiors. The objects she replicates are usually linked into conceptually to her sculptures.