Experimentation with colour and acrylic paint application:

I enjoy drawing landscapes so I thought I’d give it a try with colours from my imagination. I found this enjoyable but I don’t find my landscape paintings that effective, therefore I’m going to experiment more with painting objects and focusing more on colour.

Painting from memory – whilst thinking about the application of the paint. For the background, I used palette knives and scrap cardboard to apply the paint. I attempted to paint an old forest-park I used to visit a lot as a child, but I prefer the effect of the background rather than the image itself. I found painting solely from my memory very difficult and will probably use real objects or photographs as references in the future, although it was a fun experiment.

Thinking more about colour, I did a few colour swatches using hot and then cold pigments to practice mixing colours and experiment with textures of the paint. I think they look very effective next to each other, and I plan to do some paintings of objects focusing on the opposition of colours and how they appear differently next to each other as appose to apart.

Hot colours.
Cold colours.

Experiment with primary colours – I like the simplicity of the coloured shapes together.