To continue my sculpture project, I designed another block with a twist. The twist being the pyramid shapes were made to be negative. I did this by moulding a clay cast first, with the pyramids in, this may when I poured in the plaster the structure inverted itself to create a negative. I made this with clay to get the bumpy texture and shape that I wanted. Unfortunately the clay walls collapsed slightly so I adapted the model and sculpted it with the half dry plaster instead; the texture still came out as I wanted and it was useful to learn how to adapt when things go wrong.

My original designs:

Painted with white emulsion.

I decided to create another block sculpture, but this time with spherical clay moulds as indentations instead. I wanted this one to have smooth edges, so I cast it inside a block of 4 wood panels tied together to create the neatness and smoothness clay couldn’t give. I enjoyed making this and also found that it made a good coffee cup holder!

I find found objects very interesting and decided to experiment with filling an old coffee cup container I’d used. This is something I might research into to find out how and what sculptors use found objects for.