My drawing project is a self portrait in which I’m going to explore parts of myself using mark making, tone, colour, shape, and multiple media.

Indentation drawings:

Here I am experimenting with collage and indentation drawing, linking to landscapes and continuing on from my journey sketches. It’s part of a self portrait, showing where I live as a form of expressing a part of myself. I’ve used images I’ve taken in places of significance to me, such as the university and town centre, to create a collage focusing on their shape and form. The indentations I created using brick walls, stones, tree trunks, the pavement and willow charcoal.

Journey drawings:

Exploring space and shape in the environment around me.

Drawing to music:

Drawing to music is me transferring sound into marks using charcoal, oil pastels, and chalk. I consumed myself into the music and used components of the music, such as the rhythm and volume, to create marks.

Drawing with text/ writing:

To create a self portrait, I’ve used pages from books that I relate to and that feel like a part of me, as well as words I associate with my person and any significant words.