Wedding Photographer:

Wedding photography is a job that has interested me for a few years now. This is because I enjoy photography and the social and aesthetical atmosphere of weddings. It’s something I could do as a part time job, so I wouldn’t be only limited to photography; I’d have time for my own practice as well.

Taking the photos at the wedding is actually a small part of the job. A really important part of the job is the editing and selecting process; deciding which photos are the best to present. Some photographers may edit and select 20 out of the 200 they’re going to send to the bride and groom so they have something to look at or send out whilst they’re waiting for the rest to be sent out. Another responsibility wedding photographers have is the business aspect of it. A wedding photographer needs to have good business and communication skills too, as they’re communicating with potential clients and organising with them how their professional relationship is going to work, as well as the specific details of the event such as: where it is, when it is, how much they’re charging, and how many photos the clients want. The fact that the actual photography is not a big part of the job time wise, is something for me to consider and I would need to think about whether that is a bad thing or not.

How covid-19 has affected working wedding photographers:

As expected, covid-19 has had a hugely negative impact on the wedding industry, and has forced many people to cancel their weddings because of governmental guidelines and restrictions. Wedding photographer Kristen Kaiser, based in Illinois, has said:

“Coronavirus has definitely had a negative impact on my business. Nearly all of my spring and summer couples have either postponed their wedding or are seriously considering postponing. Wedding inquiries have also drastically dropped off during all of the uncertainty, as well as session inquiries. This is usually my busiest time of the year.”