Final print:

To develop my work after my review, I’m going to combine my love of drawing and symbolism into my next print, which is going to be an A3 reduction lino with at least seven layers of colour. The colours I’m using, in order, on top of my painted background are: white, yellow, tuscany yellow, magenta, cyan, ash grey, and black. My plan is to print an inked plastic bag over my print once I’ve finished all the colour layers. This will give me the textures of plastic and hopefully add another dimension to my print. My design consists of flowers that symbolise the key elements of plastic pollution for me. I plan to stitch or staple small pieces of plastic onto my fabric prints, drawing the attention onto the rose and the idea of plastic being drawn to the theme of death and destruction. The fabric I’m printing onto is a cotton polyester blend fabric. I’m using this particular fabric because it contains plastic, and it in itself is contributing to plastic pollution and this way it’s being recycled. I’ve also used recycled items such as plastic bags, cotton fabric, and staples, making my work a part of the recycling movement; improving mankind’s relationship with our planet.

The black rose represents the death and destruction of nature and how plastics are damaging and killing the earth from our usage, links to microbes that represent the death of animals and organisms. The magenta, cyan and white iris symbolises hope and trust; the trust that the planet can rebuild itself. The white is the colour of 47% of the ocean’s plastic, therefore, it’s a significant colour in regarding plastic pollution; especially since it’s the colour most regarded with plastics. The yellow and orange sunflower symbolises strength and power of recycling movements. It also goes along with my idea of looking at something from a distance and it seeming positive until you get closer and realise it’s not as happy as it seems.

This is why I’d like to exhibit this work hanging up from the ceiling with string somewhere, to allow there to be movement and the viewer would be able to see it from a distance first of all, and then close up as they walk towards it. I would like to exhibit this finished work by stitching together the fabric sheets to make a small tapestry. I have also stitched and stuck on bits of recycled plastic to add texture and show the link between plastic pollution and the symbolism of the forms of nature I’ve used.