Things I need to work on:

  • Composition
  • Tones – emphasising lighter areas.
  • Scale – zooming into specific areas on a large scale.
  • Add in the details of the background to create more of a sense of space.

After reviewing my work with my tutor, my next areas for progression in my drawings are: composition, tone and scale. My areas of focus for next week will be to work back into blackened charcoal sheets of paper with white chalk and a putty rubber to ensure I don’t use dark lines to outline the figure. I will also use a view finder to block out and zoom in on a specific section of what I’m looking at. This will enable me to create a zoomed in area to work from, focusing on tone and different textures/ marks that can be made from my willow charcoal.

Here are some drawings I’m considering putting into my portfolio at the end of this term.

This week’s work, a long drawing starting to focus on tone: