Artwork raising awareness for plastic pollution:

Raymond Pettibon “Plastic Pollution Coalition” print from original painting, 2010 – 30″ x 24″
Mary Dvorsky
 “Bounty, Pilfered” by Pam Longobardi

Artwork made from recycled plastic to raise awareness of plastic pollution:

Joe McCarthy, Washed Ashore
Brazilian artist Eduardo Srur puts pieces of plastic bags in a box to recreate famous paintings as part of his new series ‘Plastic Nature’ in his studio in Sao Paulo, Brazil May 27, 2021.
Daydreamers Design, Rising Moon.

This dome is called “Rising Moon” and was a temporary exhibition of work designed by Daydreamers Design, an art and design collaboration in Hong Kong recreated as an attraction for the public from 14 September 2013 to 22 September 2013. It was part of a celebration festival in China as well as recycling plastic bottles and raising awareness of plastic pollution and the impact China has on it. It was held in Victoria Park and friends and family gathered together to symbolise harmony and unity. The steel dome is made out of recycled polycarbonate water bottles that act as beacons of light, almost like a disco ball. They collected the bottles because each year thousands of polycarbonate water bottles are distributed and are still increasing. The bottles used in this sculpture were recollected by a distributer to be reused after distillation. Five gallons of polycarbonate water bottles were used as a representation of Chinese Paper Lanterns, that were used as a transparent material to create a variation of colours and interesting light textures. The light display is controlled by a computer to generate different lighting effects on the moon’s surface and they used LED’s as they have a low energy consumption and are reusable.