Exhibition dates: 17 May 2021 – 31 December 2021.

Location: All Saint’s church, Highcross Street, LE1 4PH.

On the 23rd of October, I visited the Van Gogh Immersive Experience with my Mum and her friend. The main part of the exhibition is a 360° digital art experience that highlights the success and personal attributes of Van Gogh’s life and how they impacted his work. The exhibit in Leicester is in the All Saints’ Church, with a large room projecting a unique light show of Van Gogh’s paintings with sound; music and a narrated overview exploring his life, work, personal information and details that impacted his work. This exhibition highlights the personal issues and struggles Van Gogh experienced throughout his life as well as highlighting not just his most famous paintings, but a wide range. The experience is one that is so unique because it combines digital arts and Van Gogh’s paintings. By having a 360° projection of his paintings, it allows you to feel consumed by what’s around you, and takes you into his world. I had a much more emotional response to the paintings than I ever have before because of the large scale display in a video sequence with music. I really enjoyed this experience and learnt more about Van Gogh and his personal life and struggles. The video was very informative and visually exciting, even excluding the paintings themselves. For example, the ceiling and floor were also covered in projections of aspects of his paintings, such as the stars in starry night and sunflowers.

Quotes from the video narrator that stood out to me:

“If you hear a voice saying you can’t paint, then paint. Any way you can, and the voice will fall silent.”

“There is nothing more truly artistic than loving people.”

“You must start by experiencing what you want to express.”

“If you truly love nature, you’ll find beauty everywhere.”