Final product:

For this week’s task, I have taken a series of 60 photos throughout my day to show the story of how an average day of mine goes. Each photo is of a different object relevant to the events of my day. These photos will be used in our next lesson to create a video sequence from, hence why I chose to use the grid setting on my phone camera to enable myself to get each object in the centre of the image so that when they’re formed as a video, the viewer’s eyes won’t be darting around the screen constantly. The reason I had to do this is because all of my images are different settings/ backgrounds and will appear confusing when they’re viewed in video format. I also lowered the resolution slightly so I could add 60 or over images to the Premiere Pro software all at once. This made for a smoother video sequence, and when editing, I found that I had to change the settings slightly because my images weren’t compatible with premiere pro as they are all portrait not landscape.

Here are some of my images before editing: