This week’s drawing lesson was applying the skills I’ve learnt so far, using scale, line and tone using line. For the first few drawings we were only given one minute, hence I drew using a smaller scale, as I felt I would’ve run out of time has I used a larger scale. This was not the case, and I realised that my work is a lot more successful using a larger scale, as you can see in my last few drawings.

For my last three drawings, the focus was on movement, and capturing how the model/person’s body changes as they moved. By using compressed charcoal, I was able to get very clear lines. However, after I had drawn several layers, the lines started to blur together and there was no longer a clear layer of movement. With my final drawing, I started off with a lighter pressure with my compressed charcoal, and found that when it came to smudging out lines to create new ones over the top, it was a lot easier and not so dark.

Final drawing of the session.

As you can see, my drawings improved a lot from the start of the session, mostly due to my use of scale and enabling myself to put in detail and use more freer movements with my whole arm, instead of just my wrist.