Following my preparation work as a guide, I have printed my lino design with two colours so far. I was planning on using three (red, orange, and yellow), however, I wasn’t able to print my third layer in the lesson because I ran out of time. I plan to come in another time in an evening slot to finish my prints as soon as the space is available. I’m happy with how they’ve turned out so far though. I had a few issues with the second layer printing, as my reference paper sheet was the wrong way round, therefore my second colour didn’t line up with my first. I’m still happy with how the print turned out and I was able to fix it for the next print.

I also did one print onto a piece of fabric. This printed relatively well, the colours look slightly different but I really like the way it turned out.

Printed onto a thin cotton fabric.

This print has been lined up correctly, still showing the yellow outline on the sunflower; this print turned out how I originally intended the first two to.

I really like the way the ink appears glossy on the paper, and matte when it’s on the fabric. This affects the way the light interacts with the prints, and also how dark the colours appear. For example, the red and orange is a lot darker on the paper, giving the prints a more intense look.