Following on with my nature theme, I had made a few extra sketch ideas to screen print with:

The first technique I used was mono printing. I used water pastels to draw directly onto the screen surface and used system 3 medium to press the print into the paper. I made three prints from the same image, going back into it in the third, before printing to enable the design showed up clearly. By using this technique, I got a fairly consistent outcome with each print.

Stencil screen printing:

Here I used leaves I collected outside as stencils to create textures and shapes linking to my topic of nature. I blended red and yellow ink on the screen before printing, to create a gradient of hot colours, linking to autumn and how nature changes over the seasons.

Here, I used the leaves with wet ink on the back, and layered them onto the screen to show the textures in the next prints. I also experimented with the position of the paper to blur the shapes and outline.