Sybil Andrews is a lino printer who is an inspiration to a lot of my artwork. This is because of the simplistic but striking prints she makes with blocky shapes and minimal details, and her selective use of colour; this being only using a few bold colours rather than a vast variety of colours. For my next printing lesson, I’m going to be lino printing, using Sybil Andrews’ work as inspiration.

These are some of my favourite pieces of hers, focusing on social and class issues of the time. I like the way the colours blend together so well and add texture to the prints. This is done by adding the textures gradually through the reduction technique. Some of Sybil Andrews’ prints are more detailed than others, but they all follow the same technique of blocks of colour and the image follows a line of movement. I intend to interpret the way she uses colour, what colours she uses, and how she uses colour to create textures throughout each piece.

Water Jump by Sybil Andrews - Print and Framing

Lino Printing – Design Ideas:

Here are my lino print designs and colour ideas linking to Sybil Andrews’ colour techniques.

These are my original design ideas for a lino print. They come from the idea of nature and how we see it as humans. The detail of these images are a bit too intense to print from so the final design won’t be these, but similar to them with less detail.

For my final design, I’ve created a simplified version of my original design, with some added textures to print numerous colours over.

Mark making and tonal experiments and including cross hatching, lines; considering lighting and the darkness/ lightness of the colours I’ll be using.