My first attempt at this task using my phone, the photos didn’t work. This was because the exposure and ISO were incorrect but I wasn’t able to change it to what I would’ve liked. Therefore, I hired a camera to take a single shot over a long period of time. These images were meant to show passage of time through old to new buildings, however, I found the setting to be tricky to do this. These are my initial photographs shot with my phone:

Final photographs – Series 1:

Here are the photos I took with the Sony DSC-H400 using passage of time differently. I’ve taken photographs with the camera positioned in the same place but each photo is five minutes apart. I like the images themselves, but I don’t feel as though they convey passage of time as I wanted them to; through the old-fashioned to modern aesthetic of the buildings. Especially in the last few photographs, the exposure is not correct at all. After this, I decided to use a proper digital camera, pay closer attention to the lighting and exposure, and research a better technique of showing passage of time through photography; using other photographers for ideas.

This series was taken at a height, spacing five minutes apart from each shot. I kept the ISO on low and the focus and exposure on automatic so that I was able to keep the clouds in focus, as they’re the key part of each image; as they give the series the element of time passing. I set the camera on a tripod at the top of the arts tower on campus to get this angle of the buildings landscape and the moving clouds, as this links to my work last week of the cities’ buildings and landscape scenes.

Final photographs – Series 2:

For the second series, I used the same techniques except that I snapped a shot every three minutes instead of every five. This allowed me to see the difference between shots and how much more similar they look compared to series 1. I also took these photographs in the evening time at my flat, therefore the lighting changed quite rapidly as it was getting dark. Towards the end, I started to lower the exposure as I realised the camera was naturally brightening up the image, which made it harder to see the difference between the light and darker times of the day. The next time that I do this during the evening, I will set the exposure onto manual to allow myself control over the image to show the time of day (the lack of light) changing as the evening passes. As this shot is of the street, the street lights highlight parts of the image, showing the passage of time to the night. The clouds are, again, the time passage focus, as well as the cars on the road in the bottom right corners.