Here is my experimentation with negative monoprints and taking away ink from the board.

By using paper stencils, I’ve created negative prints on mixed colour inked backgrounds. I achieved this using the printing press machine.

Using a pencil, I’ve copied my drawing designs to print trace onto the ink, remembering everything I draw comes out back to front in the final print. The amount of ink I’ve used here is the right amount for hand press mono printing.

This is a reprint using less ink than the first one. The blue ink is still visible and has smudged less after the first removal of ink. I hand pressed this one, whereas, for the others next to it, I used a printing press.

This is a print from board after original paper print was produced once I’d removed the paper stencils.

For this print, I left a bit of black ink on the roller so that when I rolled the yellow ink out, it would still have traces of black in it. I did this because I wanted the yellow colour to appear patchy.