Introduction to life drawing using charcoal.

These are my initial drawings from life, drawn by not looking at the paper and using my non dominant hand in the middle and right images.

This drawing is focused on line. I used one continuous line to draw this, and didn’t take the charcoal stick off of the paper. I found this challenging and focused on scale for my next drawing to make better use of the space on the paper.

The scale on this drawing is much better than the previous as I made sure to make use of the whole page. I allowed myself to be a lot more free with my lines and let myself go. With this, my drawings improved throughout the session.

Left hand/ side (dominant)

Right hand/ side (non dominant)

This task was to draw using both hands, with two easels, standing in between them without looking. I find it interesting that with my dominant hand (left side), the marks appear harsher, as if I’ve pressed harder with my dominant hand. The marks on the right hand side are also a lot close together, as if I allowed my left hand more freedom of movement.