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Drawing artist research

Jay Walker – Tape art Artist Jay Walker has been an inspiration of mine for my final piece and those leading up to it. His work with tape has inspired me to experiment and be more creative; to look at… Continue Reading →

Sculpture: Final piece/ installation

Sculpture Week 24

Creating a sculpture based off of a previous work made; duplicating processes: My sculpture of choice: My adaptation/ connecting sculpture – creating a platform for my sculpture to sit on in an exhibition space:

Painting artist research

Wassily Kandinsky: Kandinsky’s work consists of many colour studies on how different colour combinations are perceived and how colours interact next to each other. Kandinsky saw colour as more than just a visual stimulus, it was something he felt and… Continue Reading →

Painting artist research

Aaron Curry Aaron Curry is an American painter and sculptor best known for his works “Phantom” and “Homewrecker”, among others. “Homewrecker” is a whimsically made sculpture that’s part of the Grove exhibition. The pieces in this exhibition were made out… Continue Reading →

Drawing final piece

Circling back to my experiments with drawing with music, I’m using the techniques from my body drawings to create a large piece that represents music and fluctuation.

Painting: Final pieces progress

My final pieces in response to looking at Aaron Curry’s work.

Drawing Week 26

Following the comments of my crit, I decided to do a performance piece and record myself putting paint on a large canvas of paper. I really enjoyed doing this and I really like the way the marks turned out on… Continue Reading →

Painting crit reflection

This crit was set in the painting studio, with myself and a small group of peers present. Each set up of work was set out like a small exhibition, where we each described what we thought each of the works… Continue Reading →

Painting Week 25

Responding to the crit advice given to me: I’ve created a 3D painting using spare scraps of wood, still focusing on using colour to play with tone. One of the suggestions for my development was to explore how light interacts… Continue Reading →

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